Lake Bogoria is one of the Rift Valley’s alkaline lakes and at certain times of the year, home to one of the world’s largest populations of Lesser Flamingo. The lake also hosts the Greater Flamingo.  The lake is a Ramsar site and Lake Bogoria National Reserve has been a protected as a National Reserve since November 29, 1973. Lake Bogoria National Reserve is 107 km sq.

Lesser Flamingo
Lesser Flamingo, Lake Bogoria

Other bird species of interest found around the lake include:

Little Grebe, Tawny Eagle, Pratincole, Swift, Little Bee-eater, Cape-wigeon, Yellow-billed Stork, African Spoonbill, Augur Buzzard, Gabar Goshawk, Water Dikkop, Great Tit, Starling, Hornbill and Crombec.

Greater Flamingo, Lake Bogoria
Great Flamingo, Lake Bogoria

It is also home to the rare Greater Kudu, Warthogs, Zebras, Baboons, and many more small mammals!

It makes a great day trip from Lake Baringo, and provides spectacular scenery with the pink flamingos on the dark lake and green escarpment, as well as the hot springs and geysers.

Lake Bogoria National Reserve



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