Birding Needs

How we Move Around.

We provide highly reliable special designed safari cars with pop-up rooftop and wide windows  to enhance your wildlife viewing experience. All our vehicles are highly maintained and 4WD.

Where we Stay on Our Birding Safaris

We book our clients on birding friendly accommodation across all the birding sites we will be visiting. This are Eco friendly lodges and willing to accommodate birders needs.

Base Camp, Masai Mara Game Reserve
Rondo Retreat Centre, Kakamega forest
Castle Forest Lodge , Mt.Kenya forest reserve
Ziwani Ranch
Lake Baringo, Samatian Island.

Don’t Forget Your Binoculars

Binoculars are essential for a rich and fruitful bird watching experience. It is not possible to get a good view of a bird flying high in the sky or in the highland grasslands if you don’t have a binocular. Always have your set of binoculars to watch the birds in the distance. Never miss an opportunity to watch the rarest or endemic species with a binocular in your hand.

Photo by Joseph Aengwo

Spotting Telescope

A spotting scope is a terrestrial telescope compact and portable, designed for observing objects on or near the earth. Spotting scopes are essentially telescopes designed for birding or other nature observation. Very important tool when observing distant stationary objects and patched raptors.