Eastern and Coastal Kenya

Kenya offers Africa in a nutshell, from the soda-encrusted, flamingo-filled Rift Valley lakes to alpine Mt. Kenya and the western lowland forests at Kakamega. These habitats, combined with bird-rich savannas, Tsavo’s semi-deserts, Sokoke’s coastal forests, and of course, the parks that make it the world’s premier big mammal watching destination, making Kenya a perennial favorite in Africa.

Our Eastern and coastal Kenya trip will take you to places like; Nairobi national park, Amboseli national park, Tsavo west national park, Taita Hills, Tsavo East national park, Shimba Hills national park, Arabuko sokoke forest, Mida Creek, and Sabaki estuary.

For details of this trip, drop us an email and we revert back to you with full information.