Taita Hills

A visit to the Taita hills, in southern Kenya is a must-do for all serious birders. This is because three unique forest birds, Taita Apalis, Taita White-eye and Taita Thrush occur on this small forest patch and nowhere else in the world.

Taita Apalis.Photo by Michael Sammut

The mountains rise out of the hot semi-arid plains of Tsavo and prone to frequent fog and rain. Sometimes it can really be chilly cold up there, so ensure you have some warm cloths with you. The frequently visited forest patch is Ngangao.

White-starred Robin

Other than the Taitas special, you can easily pick species like; Orange Ground Thrush, Yellow-throated Woodland Warbler, Lemon Dove, Hartlaub’s Turaco, Evergreen forest Warbler, White-starred Robin, Striped-cheeked Greenbul and Striped Pipit.