Mida Creek

Stretching inland from the sea into Arabuko Sokoke Forest is one of Watamu’s true hidden treasures: Mida Creek is an extensive intertidal inlet surrounded by mangroves,situated between Malindi and Kilifi. This is an important area for passge and wintering waders, as well as being a haunt of several interesting herons and raptors. Although a visit here can be rewarding throughout the year, the most prodective period is between Novermber and March when the greatest concentration of waders occurs

Crab-plover, photo by Juhani Vilpo

At high tide thousand of waders roost near the northern end, together with numbers of terns and egrets. This itself can be spectacular, especially when hundreds of Crab plovers are present, but the closely packed masses make observation of the smaller species rather difficult at any distance.

Greater Sandplover at Mida Creek

In fact Mida Creek is one of the most productive mangrove ecosystems in the world. For good reason, Mida Creek is a recognized International Bird Area and together with Arabuko-Sokoke Forest forms a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is not only a paradise for national waterfowls, but also migrating birds from Europe and Eurasia find a place to rest during their journey or they choose to stay at Mida Creek to over-winter. Some of the species which can easily be seen at Mida Creek includes; Grey Plover,Little Stint, Terek Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpiper, Lesser and Greater Sandplover, Lesser and Greater-crested Tern and Saunder’s Tern .

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