Kenya Birding Tours

Are you visiting Kenya and would like to go birding for a day or two to see a breeding male of Red-collared Widowbird or Saddle-billed Stork or the endemic Sharpe’s Lonclaw and Aberdare Cisticola? How about birding in Kenya and seeing an African Crowned Eagle, or glittering Sunbirds and gorgeous Turacos? All of these birds and many more are possible on birding day trips from Nairobi and aren’t all that difficult to to see in Kenya….if you know where to find them.

Whether you go birding in Kenya on your own or with a guide, birding in here is always exciting. Nevertheless, a local, knowledgeable guide will always be able to show you more, especially if he has stake-outs for species such as Hinde’s Babbler and Grayish Eagle-Owl, Bar-tailed  Trogon,Somali Fiscal, Doherty’s Bushshrike and dozens of other birds that are tough to find when birding in Kenya. I know the best places to find these and many of Kenya’s bird species and would be happy to show you them on birding trips to Kenya.

Kenya has a variety of scenery and habitats unrivalled even in Africa: arid deserts, verdant rainforests, rolling grasslands, snow-capped equatorial peaks, lush green hills, cultivated plains, plus the lakes and spectacular escarpments of the Great Rift Valley.

I offer guiding customized to your needs and target species to such sites as Arabuko Sokoke  Coastal forest and Shimba Hills national park, highland montane habitats around Mt.Kenya and Aberdare national park, the dryland bushes of Samburu national reserve and Lake Baringo, tropical rainforest of Kakamega and papyrus line shores of Lake Victoria and extensive grassland of Masai Mara national reserve and other sites.

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