Tsavo West National Park

Red-naped Bush-shrike at Tsavo West national park. Photo by Moses Kandie

Tsavo West national park is one of the best park to go birding. It is 9065 km square. It contain extensive land of grey thornbush and red ochre sand, which are covered with tall,lush green grasses if you are lucky to be there after good rains . The best time to visit the park is from October-April when the bird migration is on.

Quail-plover at Tsavo West National Park. Photo by Michael Sammut

Driving through the bush and scrub which is dominant habitat in this park, you are likely to see species like Golden-breasted and Fischer’s Starling , Grasshopper Buzzard, Friedmann’s and Singing Bush Lark, Somali Bee-eater, Pringle’s Puffback, Tsavo Sunbird, Taveta-golden Weaver, Common White-throat, Brown-breasted Barbet and Quail Plover.

Black-headed Lapwing in Tsavo West national Park. Photo by Michael Sammu

Ngulia Lodge, the oldest lodge in the park is a famous birding destination because of the bird ringing exercises that are carried out here annually. Thousands of Palearctic migrants move through the Tsavos during migration and Ngulia is one of the best spots to see them. If our trip has been timed correctly we might have the opportunity to witness some of the bird ringing in action. The ringing is mostly done in November and attract all interested biologist from all over the globe.

Taveta Golden Weaver,Ploceus castaneiceps Ziwani-swamp. Photo by Jan Van Duinen
Our Base at Tsavo West National Park.
Mt. Kilimanjaro will be right in front of you!

Tsavo West national park is also one of the most scenic and wild in Kenya, it over 9000 sq.km in size.

Ngulia Hills, Tsavo West national park
Black-capped Social Weavers nest!
Photo@Joe Aengwo

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